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Classic Kentucky Meals: Stories, Ingredients & Recipes from the Traditional Bluegrass Kitchen

Kentucky has a distinctive taste. Where the juices from the backyard green beans run under the Elmwood Stock Farm roast chicken and the Weisenberger spoonbread offers up its sorghum-and-butter edge—all while someone's telling a funny story—there. That's Kentucky cuisine. It's no one recipe or dish: it's the meals made from what we have, and the ways each dish in the meal makes the other dishes taste even better.

It's the tastes of gardens and farms, the products of good growers and craftspeople, the pleasure of working and eating in good company. The way to have more of that? Cook and eat what Kentucky grows.

Classic Kentucky Meals: Stories, Ingredients & Recipes from the Traditional Bluegrass Kitchen, published by The History Press, carries forward the timeless Kentucky tradition of eating from our place. The recipes in this book put ingredients first, and build indelible flavors from simple, straightforward, familiar kitchen staples.

This beautiful book features dozens of full-color original photographs by noted food photographer Sarah Jane Sanders. Suggested pairings accompany each meal: Kentucky tea, coffee, wine, beer, and original cocktails—and Kentucky music playlists for both cooking and eating.

As we nourish ourselves and our loved ones with these dishes, we support the farms of Kentucky, along with the farm families and farming communities. Enjoy stories of ten incomparable Kentucky producers and growers, and profiles of five crucial components of Kentucky cuisine.

Sweet, Sweet Sorghum: Kentucky's Golden Wonder

Until now, pure sorghum syrup has been a secret known only in a few midwestern and southern states. For readers new to sorghum, this book offers tasty bits of information about this caramel syrup's origins, cultivation, nutrition, and uses, as well as its newly discovered super anti-oxidant power.