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Revolutionary Meetings: How To Make Your Meetings Better When You're Not In Charge

Monday morning meetings make you want to rebel? You should! You'll spend between four and sixteen years of your life in meetings. You may as well take ownership and make your meetings matter!

Revolutionary Meetings offers you 100+ ways to take charge:

• 10 ways to set up your meeting for success—in the five minutes before it starts
• 9 practical moves for the first five minutes AFTER your meeting begins
• 9 even more important things to say if leaders miss necessary steps
• 5 follow-up actions anyone can take to keep meetings from covering the same old sad and sorry ground, over and over and over and. . .
• 50+ precise ways to say, "Here's my idea," "I see that differently," and "Let's decide now"
• 7 concise checklists to guide meeting improvement
• 4 powerful meeting features examined in depth
• 5 special meeting formats that keep work fresh


Revolutionary Meetings highlights manageable meeting "moves" in exact language that will work for you. Speak up for change and make the minutes, hours and years you spend in meetings matter.


"This is a book I wish I'd read much earlier in my career, because it would have helped me advance more quickly. Now I'm thrilled to recommend it to everyone who asks my team what they can do about their boss's lousy meetings."
— Elise Keith, founder, Lucid Meetings